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Child Of Light 2 Seemingly Teased By Ubisoft

Ubisoft recently announced Child of Light and Valiant Hearts are being ported to Nintendo Switch, but it may have hidden a sequel tease in the process. In a tweet from Ubisoft Montreal’s Patrick Plourde apologizing for the long silence, a piece of partially obscured paper appears to read “Child of Light II.”

Technically the only visible portions are “of Light II” and pieces of the L and D in “Child.” The implication seems clear enough, though. The title paper sits along with a longer document that is largely illegible. The page is so prominently displayed, for no other apparent reason than to tease fans with the almost-promise of a sequel. This doesn’t mean the game is confirmed, however, as Ubisoft has not made any formal announcement.

Child of Light is a hand-drawn RPG originally released across various platforms in 2014. It was meant to show off the UbiArt framework and used a combat system similar to the Grandia series. It follows Aurora, a girl who wakes up in a strange land after suffering from a terrible illness.

In GameSpot’s Child of Light review, Tom McShea praised its somber tone and continuously surprising art design. “There are so few games willing to explore that dull ache that I became mesmerized by Aurora’s journey, even when I needed to step away from her plight while I regained my composure,” he wrote. “Child of Light is a wonderfully realized, somber adventure, and I couldn’t be happier that such a game exists.”