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Alesayi is a premium wholesale distributor of video games, hardware and accessories in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Established in 1992, the company has always been in the forefront of the video game distribution industry in the Gulf.
From marketing to distribution of video game platforms (including hardware, software and accessories), the company has been working with solutions for brands like Nintendo Switch, Wii U, WII, 3DS, DS lite, DSi XL and DSi, Sony Play Station (4, 3, 2, PSVITA and PSP), Microsoft XBOX (ONE, ELITE, 360) as well as PC DVD-ROM game titles and other RETRO PLUG AND PLAY CONSOLES

Alesayi prides itself on establishing direct relationships with these manufacturers, insuring a consistent supply of new and sought-after software titles, hardware as well as accessories.

The products which are part of the portfolio include:

● Nintendo Switch, Wii U, WII, 3DS, DS lite, DSi XL and DSi
● Sony Play Station (4, 3, 2, PSVITA and PSP)
● Microsoft XBOX (ONE, ELITE, 360)
● PC DVD-ROM game titles

Alesayi is one of the most popular video game distributors in Dubai and a wholesale game provider. We have been handling the processes of wholesale, distribution and export for video games as an exclusive game wholesaler in Dubai over the past decade.

Our corporate offices are located across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with a strategic warehouse location in Jebel Ali Freezone-Dubai. Our staff is composed of well-experienced professionals with decades of combined experience in the video games industry, as well as

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the leading names in game publishing being our exclusive partners.

As such, we are continuously committed to innovation and dedication to our customers with a service that is tailored to their unique needs. Since 1992, we have bridged the gap between UAE retailers and global publishers, offering the broadest publisher product mix in the video game industry and a unique retail supply solution.

With more than 25 years of industry experience with dedicated employees, we have been providing flexible, functional and supporting solutions using the latest technology, processes and systems.

For more information or a chance to work with us directly, contact us today.